9 Features That Make Composite Wood Products Superior

Composite wood is a unique material, made from approximately 60% timber, but being a more durable and effective option than the standard wood and plastic alternatives. At the Composite Wood Company, we use this excellent mix to create stylish and attractive decking, fencing, balustrades, and garden rooms, offering customers a highly reliable, great looking product.

But what is it that makes composite wood such a popular choice? Here’s a look at nine of the biggest selling points that are sure to make you push composite straight to the top of your list:


Composite wood railing


1. Life-proof durability

When it comes to undertaking any type of home improvement, it’s important to consider how long the materials and products used will last. After all, nobody wants to invest their money in something that will need to be replaced just a few years down the line.

Here at Composite Wood Company, our products are made using a unique homogenous wood polymer construction that maintains its high performance for years. All of our products were designed with durability as a top priority, with careful consideration of the different conditions that home and garden decking & fencing will be susceptible to on a daily basis.

We are huge advocates for loving your garden. A well designed outdoor space complete with decking, fencing, garden rooms or anything else you desire should be enjoyed by all – kids and pets included – which is why our products are completely life-proof. The scratch and UV resistant qualities of Composite Wood ensure that you can enjoy summer barbeques, garden parties and plenty of family fun without worrying about damages or defects, as our products can withstand just about any condition you or the UK weather can throw at it.

All of our Composite Wood Company products come with a 25 year guarantee.

2. Natural wood effect

Some of the more common initial questions surrounding composite wood are “isn’t it quite plastic-looking?” and “that’s the fake wood, isn’t it?” – but the reality is that composite wood has moved so far forward from that first generation of disappointing products. They did such a poor job of delivering the true look and feel of timber, but we’re in 2019 now, and things have changed.

The top tier of composite wood products will always look to mimic the beauty of authentic timber, whilst providing the additional benefits you will read about in this article. Customers invest in materials that not only stand the test of time with their durability, but also maintain their traditional look and feel for years to come.

Wood grain composite products provide a natural-looking woodgrain effect by combining recycled wood polymer material (60%) sourced from timber mills, with HDPE (30%) and additives (10%). The resulting material is not only incredibly durable and easy to maintain, but stunningly authentic.


Composite wood decking


3. Low maintenance

If you’ve ever had traditional timber decking or fencing, you’ll be aware that maintaining it can be a bit of a nightmare. It’s an all-year round chore to take care of, which includes a lot of cleaning, staining and restoring to try and get it back to its original state. Not everybody wants to or has the time to take on these tasks, and if anything it can greatly dampen the experience of your brand new garden.

Composite Wood products are completely low maintenance and retain their same look and feel for years to come, without the need for ever painting, sealing or staining. All of our products are colour stabilised so UV rays will have little effect and won’t cause it to fade like traditional timber.

So, you really can spend the summer months enjoying your garden every year as if it was brand new, whilst watching your neighbours desperately trying to restore theirs!

4. Strength & resistance

Standard wood and plastic products can begin to look a little worse for wear after a while, down to the strength of the materials they’re made from. It’s not to say those products are built to a low quality, because they’re not, but they’re not as good as they could be.

Composite wood is a unique material that offers a much improved strength and resistance, against a variety of forces and potential damage. Whether it’s decking or fencing, the material can often split or fracture after a few small blows, but composite wood offers a much more high impact resistance. On decking in particular, if you have children running around on it often, or maybe place furniture on it for garden parties and BBQs, the wood can often weaken or sag, while the composite version remains as sturdy as ever.

Another particular highlight in this area is the better scratch resistance that composite wood offers. With products like decking, furniture such as chairs is often dragged across surfaces, and as this continues over time, you’re left with a dilapidated, scratched look. With the composite version of these products, the same amount of heavy use of this style will leave you with a much better looking end result – there may be some small scratches here and there, but they’ll barely be noticeable from distance, especially in comparison to a standard wood alternative.


Composite decking boards


5. Weatherproof & Water Resistant

As well as being durable against hard use and typical wear and tear, composite wood products can retain their fresh style and strong quality in hard-hitting weather or harsh environments.

A lot of rain can often discolour and damage standard wood products, but moisture isn’t a problem with composite wood, due to it being completely and entirely water resistant. This means that as well as it being absolutely ideal for your garden, it’s the perfect choice to make in wetter areas, such as near marinas and waterways.

It also means it’s perfect for use at homes along the seafront, or even in areas surrounding outdoor swimming pools. In fact, combined with the fact composite wood decking has reduced slippiness over standard wood, it makes it absolutely ideal for this scenario.

6. Quick installation

Installing your own decking or fencing can seem a little daunting at first, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. That’s why when developing our products, we focused on the consumer experience, and ensured that we created a way that was straightforward and simple to do, even for beginners.

Our concealed joining systems provide hassle free installation, a quicker and easier solution compared to standard timber products. All of our products have clever hidden joints and fixings, which give a helping hand in making sure that time and effort required is kept to a minimum while ensuring a flawless, seamless finish every time.

We have a lead time of just 48 hours for decking, fencing and balustrades thanks to our big stock holding, so you can be sure that you aren’t kept waiting on-site and your project is kept moving along.


composite wood caravan decking


7. Responsibly sourced

Composite wood is a material with a unique, effective polymer structure, with approximately 60% of the product made from authentic, natural timber.

The timber we use to create this is sourced exclusively from timber mills and wood workshops, something which we stand by due to the fact the materials won’t have been mistreated or stained before they’re used to create our products.

We believe that high quality materials are needed to make high quality products, and that’s why we have such a strict policy on where we source our wood. Although we mix the timber with other materials to create the unique blend we stock, the natural look and feel of the wood is still very much on show within our products.

8. Safe & Splinter Free

With the robustness and low maintenance of composite wood decking, people could be forgiven for thinking that the material comes with a catch. However, safety is of paramount importance to all composite wood distributors and we pride ourselves on a product that is:

  • Mold and algae resistant. Timber decking needs to be kept free of excess water to fight against the build up of slippery build mold and algae. The lengths through which people have to go to do so can be painstaking, but ultimately they are delaying the inevitable rot and decay. Composite wood does not have this problem due to the water-resistant HDPE that is used.
  • Anti-slip. One of the biggest concerns that people have when installing decking into their garden is that it will end up too safe to make the most out of. Composite Wood decking has an excellent anti-slip performance making it perfect for families with young children. Paddling pools are no issue, for example. The surface generates good traction which is essential.
  • Splinter free. No socks and shoes, no problem. Composite wood is created with a protective engineered resin coating that shields the material from UV radiation, and the subsequent damaging that leads to the breakdown of the wood. More about this below.


Bespoke composite decking


9. Durable against UV light

As mentioned, the most common cause of splintering to timber wood fencing and decking is UV radiation from the sun.

The gradual breakdown of the molecules that make up the material occurs because UV radiation dries out the wood and destroys the cell structure. Cracks form, splinters protrude, and the only way to protect your investment is by spending more money on a high-quality sealing agent.

Composite wood products do not need to be sealed, stained or painted to hide the effects of UV light – that’s because they are super durable against it. An outer coat of protective resin, called a ‘cap’ is applied to all composite wood panels and this ensures the structural integrity of the material is maintained. Colours only fade by around 12% of their original look, something which is entirely natural and unavoidable.

If you’re interested in our decking, fencing or garden rooms, please get in touch with us for a free quote. To find out more about our products, you can request a free brochure here.