What makes composite wood such a useful material?

Composite wood is becoming a popular material choice for garden renovation projects. Here we look at some of the key qualities that make it the material of choice in comparison to general timber wood.

composite decking


Composite wood is a uniquely developed material. It is constructed from a combination of sustainable sourced bamboo fibres, synthetic polymers and a PVC binding agent to hold it all together. This combination of organic wood fibre and polymer possesses a higher core strength than general timber due to the density of the molecules.

The timber is also protected by an outer coat of resin. This resin is called a ‘cap’ and it provides further durability features.

The resin ensures that the structural integrity of the timber is maintained by protecting the panels from UV light and water rot. UV rays from the sun gradually wear timber down over time, causing the molecules to deteriorate and eventually splinter. The resin protects against this by providing an outer layer of defence.

Similarly, natural timber needs to be kept free of excess water to fight against the build up of rot-inducing mould. The resin is water-resistant HDPE.

The durability of composite wood is rounded off by the scratch resistant quality that it possesses. The outer cap is designed to absorb the wear and tear of high-heels, chair scraping and so on as well as fading from sunlight.

These qualities mean that at Composite Wood we are confident to offer a 25 year guarantee on all of our products, from decking to garden room structures.

Natural look and feel

Composite wood as a material has moved on a long way from the initial wave of products that hit the market around fifteen years ago. Back then there was a conception that the material resembled plastic more than it did wood, leading many to draw comparisons with children’s playmobil and the like.

We’re proud to say that things have changed a lot since then. Here at Composite Wood we develop products that resemble the authentic, natural aesthetics of timber as much as possible. We do so without jeopardising the durability mentioned above.

Wood grain composite products, for example, provide a natural-looking effect by combining recycled wood polymer material  with HDPE and additives at a rate of 60/30/10. The resulting material is not only incredibly durable and easy to maintain, but you wouldn’t know it wasn’t 100% real wood.

Quick to install

Our decking and fencing panels are designed with user-friendliness in mind, meaning any able bodied person should be able to install their purchase without assistance.

Each panel and balustrade is fitted with a straightforward, concealed joining system and with a lead time of just 48 hours you can count on us to have your project on the go without the need for waiting around.

Safety considered

Remember that resin we talked about earlier in the article? Well the protective defence it provides ensures that the sun’s UV rays do not damage the timber to the point that it cracks and splinters. Ensuring our decking and fencing remains splinter-free is of paramount importance to us, so you can rest assured that socks, shoes or slippers are not mandatory!

As well as protecting against water damage, the protective cap is also anti-slip. This makes it perfectly safe to set up children’s pools on the decking, you can rest safely in the knowledge that there is no slipping hazard once they get out.

Like what you hear? If you’re interested in our decking, fencing or garden rooms, please get in touch with us for a free quote. To find out more about our products, you can request a free brochure here.