9 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Any Garden Space

The summer months are fast approaching and it’s now time to start thinking about getting your garden space back in working order for the good times ahead.

We have been fitting our products into gardens for years now, and we have come to realise that no matter the size of your garden, there will always be something you can do to maximise the space that you have.

With that in mind, we have put together a helpful guide for you to do just that. Read on for some guidance on how to work with what you’ve got, no matter what season it is.

Composite wood decking

1. Make sure your garden fits the purpose

Before you plan anything out, really have a think about what purpose your garden should provide for you and your family.

Is it a place for relaxation with a book and a glass of wine? Are you looking to clear as much space as possible for the kids to play in the comfort of their own garden? How about if you were looking to invite a group of friends round over the summer?

All of these things should be considered as they will determine what is possible.

2. Make the most of natural sunlight

Before you add any constructions to your garden, or put up any tall fences instead of hedging, you should really think about where the sunlight hits your garden at different points of the day.

We all know that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so use that to think about maximising the amount of sunlight your garden gets throughout the day. The last thing you want is a garden full of shade spots and not enough room to sunbathe.

sunlight in the garden

3. Why not plant a tree?

Perhaps you wanted to go for a garden that makes a difference. Planting a tree has plenty of benefits.

1. Trees contribute to the improvement of air quality by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. They also store carbon, which aids the planet in the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. They also clean the air by trapping pollen, dust and pollutants.

2. Trees increase property value over time. They are a sought after feature of a back garden, for sure.

3. Trees provide a habitat for different types of wildlife including insects, birds and squirrels. Which leads us on to our next point.

This is a great activity to do with the kids and you will enjoy the sense of fulfilment watching it grow over the years. You can follow the RHS’ guide to planting a tree if this is something you are considering.

4. Attract wildlife to your garden

You may wish to build a wildlife friendly garden for your children to enjoy, with a little piece of nature right on their back door step. It’s really easy to do. Here are some ideas if you’re looking to increase the presence of wildlife in your garden:

1. This may not be the best bet if you’re looking to live out in the garden over the summer, but you can create a mighty fine habitat by simply letting the grass go.

2. Add a bird box feeding station, or watering shelter to your garden. Make sure it is placed in a high, sheltered position that is inaccessible to cats. Attract birds in the spring and summer by providing protein-rich foods, while seeds are the best bet in the winter months.

3. Flowers will help add vibrance and colour to your garden this summer, but they will also provide a source of pollen and an attraction for butterflies.

4. Construct a small pond and create an entire ecosystem in your garden, but avoid locating it in an area that is in complete sunlight or shade.

5. Introduce some decking to your garden

While there’s a whole list of things you can do to a garden to get it ready for any given summer, there are also some purchases that can be made with the rest of your life in mind.

If you’ve settled down into a family home and are looking to make that next big improvement to the garden just in time for summer, why not consider installing some decking.

Decking provides a versatile space for the family to use, and the beauty of it is that it is a multipurpose area. Be it a family party, children’s play time or a relaxing evening as the sun sets, decking can truly transform a garden and help you to make the most of the weather.

With Composite Wood Company you won’t need to worry about protecting your investment with staining and repainting, learn more about our decking panels here.

brown decking

6. Use your walls

If you don’t have much in the way of horizontal space in your garden, but you do have some vertical space in the form of walls and fences, why not plant some vines? Doing so can cover up the brick grey colour and improve the aesthetic of your garden.

Hanging baskets are another way to utlise your wall space. You only need to screw a hook into the wall and you will be free to decorate your garden with vibrant flowers without building a flower bed in what little space you have left.

7. Replace your lawn with artificial grass

Lawns in small gardens can be more hassle than they’re worth, and you may wish to replace what you have with artificial turf to save on maintenance time and money.

In just an hour or two the small patch of grass can be swapped for a  super-low maintenance alternative to a traditional lawn. Gone is the need to pump money into fertilisers and weed killers. You won’t need to cut the grass and trim around the edges.

Instead you will have an authentic, natural looking lawn designed with anti-slip in mind. The strands of grass are tangle-free and are fully permeable to prevent the build-up of water.

Learn more about artificial grass here.

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8. Go for plants that are in bloom all year round

If you really want to make the most out of your garden beyond the summer months, you can invest now for the future by choosing to plant vegetation that is in bloom all year round.

Evergreen shrubs will take up a permanent residence in the garden. This article lists some great ideas and has helpful pictures of what each plant looks like.

9. Consider a garden room

Garden rooms are a great way to add a different dimension to the family home by making the most out of any extra garden space you are blessed with.

These prefabricated structures are fully insulated and have full electrical circuits, providing additional outdoor living space all year round. When you talk about maximising the space given to you, garden rooms are a fully functional place to work, play or relax away from the four walls of the house.

Garden rooms can be made from a range of materials and timbers but here at Composite Wood we pride ourselves on a product constructed from sustainable bamboo fibres, combined with polymers and a PVC binding agent. Read more about what makes composite wood special here.

As well as adding a new dimension to your garden, these structures also add value to your home.

Want to find out more about our product range, or get a quote for one of our offerings? Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team or visit our Oldham-based showroom to view some of our products.