How to Install Composite Fencing

How to install composite fencing

This short post will teach the basics on how to install composite fencing. For a more in-depth explanation, please read our fencing installation guide. Our intention for this is to create a simple guide that anyone can view and understand. This guide is specifically for our fencing.

We generally supply our clients with pre-prepared materials matching their order. Therefore each kit is unique to the order. This means that there is no need to cut the boards or posts to size. Our fencing supplies include boards, posts, caps, steel mounts and strengthening batons. We also offer adaptors to fit our boards on pre-existing concrete posts.

Before install

Measure the perimeter where the fence will go before ordering from us. This ensures that your order is correct and meets your needs. Also please prepare the perimeter beforehand as it may save time. Different people have different methods for preparation.  Some may prefer markers while others may use the string method. Doing so will help ensure the fencing line is straight.

Composite Wood Company are not responsible for installations not carried out to the instructs or inferior installations.

Step 1 - Installing the posts

Place the first post in position. Using either steel mounts or concrete, please secure the post to the ground.

The following post needs to be placed 1800mm from the previous post. Secure that post with either the steel mount or concrete.

All that you need to do now is repeat this until all fencing posts have been set and secured. Please ensure that all posts are level and at the same height.

install composite fencing step 1

Step 2 - Installing the boards

After the posts are secure, start inserting the boards. Ensure the first board is level and then slide in the next. Each board has grooves on the side, allowing the boards to be slot together. This creates a more stable fence. Continue inserting the boards until reaching the top of the fence. Then repeat this process with each fencing section.

The boards can easily be cut down to size when needed. Please allow for extra board length to slot boards in between posts.

install composite fencing step 2

Step 3 - The finishing touch

Now the fence is pretty much complete and all that needs to be done is one more thing. Insert all post caps and board caps. And now the composite fence is complete.