Composite Wood: A greener choice for your garden

Climate change and the environment are hugely important topics at present, and reducing our impact on the world by living a greener life is something people are quite rightly trying to prioritise.

Whilst people talk a lot about very common issues such as carbon emissions and plastic pollution, something that seems to be slipping under the radar are the effects of mass deforestation on the world.

When buying wood products, this is something you might not consider prior to your purchase, but there are ways of ensuring your choice isn’t too damaging.

One of those ways is by choosing the products stocked by us here at Composite Wood Company – we have a keen eye on our environmental efforts.

Deforestation: The effects

In many scenarios, wood products come as a direct result of chopping down trees and deforestation, although thankfully, many companies are taking strides to be more sustainable, using recycled wood or opting to replant afterwards.

Deforestation as a large scale process, with no replanting or reforestation, can have catastrophic events on the planet. In the immediate area, you have problems such as loss of habitat for animals in the forestry, and soil erosion thanks to the lack of the tree’s nutrients on the ground.

The effects of deforestation

On a wider scale, loss of forestry can result in a big increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in our planet’s atmosphere. Trees of course absorb carbon dioxide, and other harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide, stopping them from going back into our atmosphere and becoming part of the big climate change problem. As carbon emissions continue to increase and deforestation goes on, this is only going to worsen.

A stat from the Pachamama Alliance shows that approximately 20% of the planets oxygen is supplied by trees in South American tropical rainforests, and with these being lost at a rate of 4 hectares a decade, it starts off yet another big environmental problem.

What is composite wood made of?

We stock a wide range of excellent quality outdoor solutions made from our composite material, including stylish decking, effective fencing, and durable benches. While we promise an authentic look and feel wood product, it isn’t made from 100% wood. By creating a unique WPC blend, we can promise a stronger, more durable and long lasting alternative to the genuine wood alternative, that means you’ll save money in the long run by not being forced to splash out on costly maintenance, and premature replacements.

Composite Fencing

Our products are made with a 60% real timber content, mixed with plastic polymer and bound together using a PVC agent. This creates a material that has a beautiful, visual wood effect, but a much increased performance. Whilst real wood can splinter and crack with heavy impact and high usage, composite wood stands resilient, even resistant to simple scratches. It’s also weatherproof and water resistant, and never needs the maintenance like varnishing and UV protection that you find with real wood. Another benefit of composite wood over genuine wood is that our products are rot proof and resistant to mould and algae, again adding to the low maintenance reliability.

What makes composite wood environmentally friendly?

We take great pride and responsibility in sourcing the materials that we use to create our WPC wood blend, ensuring they don’t add to the strain on our existing forests.

As mentioned earlier, 60% of our blend is made from timber, but we can confirm that no trees are cut down to supply us with this. Instead, all of the timber we source is ethically traceable, and is completely recycled material that would otherwise go to waste, taken from timber mills.

Composite Wood made from sustainable sources

Similarly, the plastic we use in the blend also comes from recycled sources, and the more plastic we can re-use in our products, the less you’ll find polluting our natural spaces and oceans.

All of our composite wood products are fully RoHS Green Product compliant, and thanks to the high amount of recycled materials, ensure you’re making a consciously green decision without sacrificing quality, style and durability.

Composite Wood Products

So, what can you actually purchase using our environmentally friendly composite wood material?

We create and stock an excellent range of stylish and convenient products that are perfect for your garden or outdoor space.

Our composite decking is great for a variety of applications, including patios, caravans and poolside areas. It’s made from a strong, splinter-free material that is also completely slip-resistant, making it a perfect, safe choice for your space.

wood grain composite decking installation

We’ve seen just how bad flimsy wooden fencing can look after 5-10 years, becoming more and more splintered and broken thanks to wind and rain. As with all of our products, our composite fencing is completely weatherproof and long lasting, and in the same period of time, will look as good as the day you installed it with much less maintenance. Our fences look great, and weather you’re going for the standard style, or a balustrade railing, you’ll be left with a stylish, classy border to your space.

A more recent addition to our range are our composite benches. Whether you’re looking for a single bench for your home garden, or several for your business’s picnic space or beer garden, these are a great option for you that will last for a much longer time period than standard wooden picnic benches. Typically, you’ll find yourself having to regularly repaint or re-varnish your garden furniture to keep it looking pristine, but our composite alternative takes away this time and money consuming stress.

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