Are Garden Rooms Worth It? Top Questions Answered

Despite their rise in popularity of garden rooms, we have noticed that there isn’t a resource to answer some of the more frequent questions. Hopefully the below can be of use to anyone who is considering making an addition to their garden space.

Composite Wood garden room installation

What are garden rooms?

Garden rooms are standalone buildings designed to provide additional outdoor living space. We find that the best designs are the ones that are optimised to be useful all year round. While the majority of projects are designed as one singular room, some may include multiple rooms and functions.

What are garden rooms made from?

They can be constructed from a variety of different materials to give alternative looks and feels, but here at Composite Wood Company we use… well, composite wood and glass. Our composite wood is a unique material made from sustainable bamboo fibres, combined with polymers and a PVC binding agent. The end result is a material that possesses lifeproof durability without sacrificing the beautiful aesthetic of natural timber.

You can read more about the benefits of composite wood in our blog post: 9 Features That Make Composite Wood Products Superior

What can you use garden rooms for?

Garden rooms can fit multiple purposes. Some of our favourite projects with customers have seen rooms built for home office spaces, personal gyms, children’s play-rooms and even a guest bedroom.

Composite wood retains up to three times more thermal energy than general timber, meaning whatever you choose to do with your new living space, you will be able to make the most over the colder months too.

Which garden room should I go for?

If you are looking for a garden room that can be transformed depending on what you want to do with it, then modular garden rooms are the one for you. There are a range of sizes and colours available.

If you’re one of the 4,000,000 people in the UK who work from home, then a garden office would obviously make more sense for you.

Garden buildings are the one to consider for those who desire something more spacious, with alternating rooms giving you the opportunity to make more out of your new space.

Can garden rooms be attached to a house?

Generally, we install garden rooms as standalone buildings external from the house.

They appeal to so many people because of their remoteness, the small piece of home-just-away from home. If they were attached to a house they would lose their impact. You should consider a conservatory or extension if this is what you’re after.

Will garden rooms add value to a home?

Garden rooms have the flexibility to be whatever you want them to be. The potential of this added space doesn’t go unnoticed in the valuation of a home.

If you don’t want to let go of your garden room, you’re in luck. Composite Wood garden rooms are very easily assembled and that means they could, logistically, also be packed up and transported to your new home if you wish.

Do garden rooms fall under any rules and regulations?

The vast majority of projects are within the rights of permitted development, so it’s highly unlikely that planning permission will be requested for what you want to do. Your local council with have more information about height and length restrictions, on request.

How much do garden rooms cost?

Garden rooms are quoted to order, with all design, transport and assembly processes covered as part of the price.

You can read more about us here or alternatively request a quote by contacting one of our friendly team.