8 Great Ideas For Your New Garden Room

Garden rooms can fit a wide range of purposes and serve as blank canvases to add new functionalities to any home.

If you’re lucky enough to have recently installed some additional outdoor living space in the form of a composite wood garden room, then you’ll have probably already put plans in place to use your new found living space.

If, by chance, you are still looking for inspiration – look no further. Here we have put together eight of the best garden room ideas we’ve seen over the years installing them into homes across the country.

Garden room office

Garden offices are perhaps the most popular use for a garden room as they provide a work-space that makes the absolute most of natural light. Work-from-home productivity can greatly improve in a setting as light and remote as this.

Composite Wood garden rooms can be ordered complete with lighting, heating and electrics so you can use it any time of day, any time of year.

garden room

Garden playroom

Keeping all of the children’s toys in one room is a pipedream for the majority of us, but with a garden room you have the potential to build an outdoor area which does exactly that.

Not only does it confine all of the mess to one manageable space, but it also provides a super safe and monitorable area for your children to play. Garden playrooms also provide suitable benefits for childminders and nurseries.

A composite wood garden rooms is fully insulated so your children can use it all year round.

Guest room or apartment

Regularly have family over to visit? Why not make sofa-beds or hotel stopovers a thing of the past by deciding on a garden room that doubles as a guest bedroom or apartment?

Our self-contained garden rooms can be customised to be a home, away from the home. Your garden room layout can come complete with a kitchen or bathroom, if you desired.

Garden gym

Perhaps you don’t have the time or money to justify a gym membership. Having your own personal, private setup can help you to keep fit without the pressure of having to justify a monthly fee.

Hobby room

There are a number of hobbies that could benefit from a personal space. Over the years we have seen composite wood garden rooms utilised as snooker rooms, home cinemas, music studios and libraries to name but a few!

Home bar or ‘man cave’

You could be lucky enough to use your garden room as a personal retreat. The concept of a man cave is well known but it usually pertains to basements – with a garden room you can setup that reclusive area fit with electrics for a TV, mini fridge and so on.

Our garden rooms can also be paired with composite decking. With this option the room will open out, adding a new function to the investment that you have made.

All of our garden rooms are quoted to order, with all design, transport and assembly processes covered as part of the price.

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